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”..the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve..”

-Matthew 20:28


Lmao xD

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It’s hot today and I made a video involving peeps so keep an eye out tomorrow for that! But no peeps are gross as hell I can feel my heart clogging. Also Pikachu



Two Eeveelutions battling by request.

Generation I:  Kanto (#1 - #151)


After a century and a couple of harsh winters, I’ve completed my new Eevee Evolution button set for the upcoming con season! 8)

I just put them up in my store for buying as well! You can either buy them for $3 each, or $20 for the entire set. I also currently have a moving sale going on for my store right now where you get free shipping on all orders over $10 for US buyers! It ends this Friday on the 18th. Use the code MVSALE to get your free shipping!





#dean did you just threaten yourself

#and you daddy

Henry died enacting a plan that Dean had helped make, dad died because Dean was dying and it was the only way to save him, Sammy has died because of things Dean did, Dean has died because of his own actions. When Dean Winchester curses you, the curse gets fulfilled. 

Lmao the irony

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